I love being behind cameras, and doing anything that involves working with them, or what they create.  Cinematography is my first true love, but photography and video editing tie at a close number two. 

     Though I consider myself a Jack-of-all-trades in the media world, video creation is my bread and butter.  Starting from the pre-production- scripting, finding talent, shot-lists, etc., to post-production- editing and final delivery, I focus on all the little details and perfect all of those, because the details are where the video really gets brought to a higher level.  I work on marketing videos, short films, corporate videos, interviews, music videos, and anything else!  

     For my personal gear, I shoot with a Panasonic GH5.  I chose it mainly because of it's versatility- functioning as a very high quality video camera, as well for great for taking still images.  Whenever I am hired for a shoot, unless other gear is requested or offered, this is what I shoot with, but as a camera-op on many different shoots, I have developed a high level of comfort with several different camera brands and am more than capable of working with various types.



       Any questions, please reach out!